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APLH Training

Why do I need APLH training?

The APLH Personal Licence is a legal requirement for people who are involved in the sale of alcohol.


How do I get a Personal License

How do I get a Personal Licence?

To get a personal licence, you must first attend the Personal Licence Holders Training course and pass an exam to obtain the Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders, commonly known as APLH. 

Once qualified, you can apply for a personal licence with your local council.

What we offer

Trained Up provide the APLH course delivered by industry experts with over 20 years experience within licensed hospitality. The APLH licence training is a 1 day course and covers all the information required for a personal licence holder, course modules include:

  • Roles & responsibilities and functions of licensing authorities

  • The licensing objectives and the importance of partnerships in promoting these objectives

  • Prohibitions and exemptions in relation to licensable activities

  • The nature, purpose and period of validity of a personal licence

  • The legal duties of a personal licence holder

  • The law in relation to a premises licence holder

  • The law in relation to premises licences

  • The role and responsibilities of the DPS

  • What an operating schedule is and what is included in it

  • The law relation in relation to the protection of children on licensed premises

  • The powers of police and other authorities in relation to licensed premises

  • The law in relation to TENs

  • Alcohol awareness – Nature and strength of alcohol and its effect on the body

  • The legal duties of the responsible persons in relation to the operation of licensed premises

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