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Mandatory Training CSTF

£ 90.00

CSTF Mandatory Training

Do you or your staff need to become compliant for working within the healthcare sector ?

Trained Up provide mandatory training courses aligned to the 'Skills for Health Core Skills Training Framework' (CSTF).

Many NHS Trusts, nursing agencies, care homes and clinics are requiring staff to complete Mandatory and Statutory training training which is aligned to the 'Skills for Health Core Skills Training Framework'.

Mandatory training provided by Trained Up meets this criteria. Trained Up have verified their learning content as aligned to the CSTF.

Trained Up provide Mandatory training as either a complete training work shop including theoretical and practical modules or blended learning which includes several modules within the classroom and the others via e-learning.

Our Mandatory training modules can also be split. For example if you only require people moving and handling then you only need to attend the course for this module. If you only require moving and handling and Basic Life Support (BLS) again you only need to attend for these 2 modules.

Candidates, Trusts and staffing agencies can be confident that Mandatory training provided by Trained Up is conducted by accredited instructors with experience relevant to the course content.

Mandatory Training Course Content

  • People Moving and Handling - CSTF (including practical)

  • Basic Life Support & Using an AED Adult & Child - CSTF ( including practical)

  • Fire Safety - CSTF

  • Food Safety - CSTF

  • Health & Safety (including RIDDOR,COSHH,

  • Infection Prevention & Control - CSTF

  • Safeguarding Adults - CSTF

  • Safeguarding Children - CSTF

  • Equality & Diversity - CSTF

  • Information & Governance - CSTF

  • Conflict Resolution - CSTF

Mandatory Training as Blended Learning

People Moving and Handling, Basic Life Support and Fire Safety are conducted within the classroom as face to face courses with the other modules conducted as e-learning.

Combination Training - People Moving / Handling & Basic Life support 

Candidates may only require one of the modules such as People Moving and Handling and do not need the entire Mandatory Training course. Trained Up can provide this training for you as a stand alone course.

One of our most popular offerings is the People Moving / Handling & Basic Life Support course combination.

Combining these two modules comes at a discounted rate as opposed to booking them separately.

This can be booked here

Assessments and Certification

Assessments are both theoretical and practical with certificates issued on the day to successful candidates by email.

To book your Mandatory Training with us please visit here

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