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On-Line Courses


Due to the current health crisis all of our face to face classroom courses have been postponed until further notice.

However you can remain compliant by  taking the on-line training and defer the practical modules in one of our nationwide venues at a later date when are running face to face classes again..

Please feel free to call one of the team on 020 8003 3211 / 07504831940

PMVA De - Escalation Training

The importance of de-escalation, recognising triggers, body-language and verbal communication.

This short video on de-escalation contains strong language.

viewer discretion is advised.

PMVA training

We deliver PMVA courses accredited by the GSA and accepted throughout many NHS trusts.  All our tutors are GSA grade A tutors.

If you would like to book a course please see the course diary and bookings tab

de-escalation - Control and Restraint Training
GSA accreditation - Control and Restraint Training
Theoretical Modules Include:
  • Health & Safety at work act.
  • Public health model
  • The law and the use of force
  • Mental Capacity Act
  • Risks in restraint
  • Recent influences on Physical intervention ( guide lines )
  • Human Rights Act
  • Conflict management ( de-escalation & communication)
Breakaway and restraint techniques taught include:
  • Various wrist grabs
  • Various clothing grabs
  • Slaps, punches, kicks
  • Hair pulls-various
  • Chair de-escalation
  • Strangle holds
  • Planned approach                      (restraining violent patient as part of a response team)
  • Role of the head person
  • Prone restraint
  • Supine Restraint
  • Turning the patient
  • Seclusion exits